Case study: The Westpac Group

Samantha Brown and Randy Fennel from The Westpac Group, with Mrs Jennifer Arnold, recipient of the 20,000th low cost PC through Connect IT, with the Federal Minister for Human Services Chris Bowen, WorkVentures CEO Arsenio Alegre and NSW Minister for Housing David Borger, July 2009The Westpac Group is a foundation partner that generously donates its superseded personal computers (PCs) to the Connect IT project.

Several years ago The Westpac Group established that on direct costs alone, selling superseded PCs at auction made no financial sense. Analysis showed this course of disposal was a cost upon cost scenario that resulted in a loss of $15 per PC system.

They also found substantial hidden costs in time spent managing the PC disposal process. The Westpac Group was spending money and effort on a non-core uneconomic activity.

So in 2002, The Westpac Group helped to establish the WorkVentures’ Connect IT program, committing to donate all of their obsolete PC equipment to the program.

“For us, the business, social and environmental benefits were obvious from the start. Since that time we have donated around 50,000 PCs in total, many of which have been refurbished and gone on to good homes – homes that otherwise may not have been able to afford this technology,” says Samantha Brown, Head of Community Engagement, The Westpac Group.

This partnership has provided The Westpac Group with:

  • a quick, all encompassing and national solution to its PC disposal problem
  • significant cost savings
  • a socially and environmentally responsible way to dispose of superseded IT equipment
  • positive awareness among stakeholders of The Westpac Group’s contribution to the community.

Westpac General Manager of Engineering & Sustainability, Technology, Randy Fennel, encourages other companies to become donor partners. "We are proud to be involved with this innovative program that not only solves a financial obligation of our business, but provides worthwhile access to technology for those who might not otherwise have it. I encourage you to get involved and help make a difference.”

The Westpac Group is a foundation partner of our Connect IT low cost PC program, and we thank them for their support.