Technical Support for your PC - WorkVentures SafetyNet

Who do you call when you have a problem with your computer? They are wonderful when they work but can be such a hassle when they don’t!

If you purchased your PC from WorkVentures, you are entitled to a whole year of free telephone technical support!

Call SafetyNet on 1800 112 205 and select option 2

Our keen IT trainees are here Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time & excluding NSW public holidays) waiting to help you solve your computer issues.

If you already own a Microsoft Windows-based PC or your free year has expired, you can also purchase technical phone support from our friendly IT trainees in several convenient ways. See below for our rates.

Jason 2016                                      We can help with:

        • Windows 10 upgrade installations
        • Viruses & malware
        • Internet connections
        • Email & applications
        • Printers

WorkVentures SafetyNet Subscription Rates

Choose from the following range of subscriptions to suit your needs and your budget
Our Best Value 12 month subscription works out to about $2 per week.

Subscription package


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