Our Publications


Social Inclusion Through Technology Booklet

Celebrating 50,000 low-cost computers delivered across Australia to low income households.

Social Inclusion Through Technology [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 4.18 MB]


Trailblazing Booklet

Sharing the milestones and stories to mark our 25th anniversary as a Social Enterprise in 2005.

Trailblazing [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.77 MB] 


Get Online Booklet

Helping those who are not currently connected learn their way around computers and the internet.

Get Online! [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 3 MB]


Annual Audited Financial Statements

Our financial statements are available for download in pdf format. If you would like hard copies of our publications, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (02) 8907 3300.


Download our 2015 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 2.25 MB]

Download our 2014 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 5MB]

Download our 2013 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.14 MB]

Download our 2012 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.2 MB]

Download our 2011 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 650 KB]

Download our 2010 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.12 MB]

Download our 2009 financial statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 641 KB]


Our Work 

Download the 2011 SIPRY Evaluation Report (published June 2011) [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 627.47 KB]

Download the 2010 iGetIT! Evaluation Report (published March 2011) [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.91 MB].

Download the Evaluation Report for the PCs Into Homes project (published August 2010) [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 135.85 KB].