Spaciousness - a hidden way to produce results

It seems completely counter-intuitive but time and again in my years of running organisations I've seen this technique produce remarkable outcomes. From young, we've been taught basically one way to work with our mind and that is to force it - to focus, to pay attention, to plan an attack on a problem - which narrows our awareness and squeezes our mind into a tight laser-like space, striving in the direction and manner we had envisioned to make a desired outcome happen.

But what happens when we have no idea how to produce the result that's needed? Or maybe we've never had the kind of mind that fits in the laser focus box and despaired of ever being a high achiever. Are some of us destined to struggle whenever we have to accomplish outside the square of known frameworks?

You might just need spaciousness! It's a different approach altogether where the key is to get clear about what you are aiming for without getting too granular about how to accomplish it. You get started by simply taking the obvious first step without getting paralysed trying to predict or plan the whole enchilada. And then you remain spacious and open until the next step is revealed - without worrying if it's the right one - it's just the next one. This is the epitome of the old saying 'one step at a time'. It takes a bit of mental discipline not to jump to the next anxiety or conclusion but if you can soothe that mental spasm and simply remain open and spacious, you will tap into an amazing capacity that allows you to accomplish results that no one could have ever predicted, including yourself.

When we've spent years struggling, squeezing and pushing ourselves, it almost verges on heresy to suggest that lucid, carefree ease and flowing with circumstances is a viable alternative to get to your goals.

It seems too easy perhaps because we have a habit of making things hard. 

Linda Graham-McCann WorkVentures CEO

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