A Good Start Leads to Career Choices

We can talk about the value of a traineeship providing kids with a pathway to a job and a better future, but nothing beats hearing about the reality of the journey directly from the Trainee in their own words.
Thanks Jack for sharing your experience and for taking the opportunity with both hands and running with it!
Hi Linda,
Just thought I would email you with some positive feedback about my experience as a Workventures trainee. I finished up mid January this year so I was a trainee for pretty much the whole year from Jan 2015. When I finished school, plans with the Army had been delayed and I didn't like school so uni was not an option. I consider myself very lucky that I found the advertisement on SEEK for the traineeship spot. It sounded too good to be true and it still felt that way even when I was doing interviews for the spot with Jenny...
I started off in the ConnectIT call center. I was very nervous on my first day as I listened to every one else take calls because I didn't know anybody and they all sounded very experienced with computers. Everyone sounded like they knew exactly what they were doing and I could not envision myself sounding like them at all... I had gone into the job with hardly any idea about computers. But Damien, Mitchell and Tom were very supportive and on the second day I was taking sales calls. Not long after that I was doing tech calls and learning on the spot. It was challenging but very rewarding. I made plenty of mistakes but you were expected to learn from them and I feel that I did. It did not take long for me to make friends with everyone in the call center.
After six months there, I then was moved to my host employer, an IT company in the city. I left the call center feeling confident with how much I knew but at this new job I was back at square one. There were many responsibilities and new roles to learn and it was a test for my communication skills. The other trainee there, Jye, was an excellent teacher and we are still mates today. Herc, our boss, was often busy with the business so Jye and I typically operated as a team until I reached the point were I could function competently by myself. This took time as it was a complex job but it was a positive experience. I enjoyed this job because I felt even more independent - it was not often that I started the day knowing exactly where I was going to be all day, due to the need to travel to clients from time to time. Herc was a very flexible boss and I was appreciative of this too. 
The online study for the Certificate III was also enjoyable at times. My favourite component was the web design unit. Walter was a good teacher and provided plenty of feedback. 
I am pleased to tell you that I have just started studying at UTS this year. My course is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice. I can confidently say that I did not have the HSC marks to make it into the course and that my year's work experience and Certificate III was what got me a spot. As with anything, not every day during the traineeship was perfect. Some days were long, some days were tough and some days I would have to take responsibility for mistakes I had made. Like most people, I'm not even 100% sure what I will end up doing in the future, but my time with WorkVentures was the best start I think I could have had. So I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity. 

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