WorkVentures is a social enterprise that offers people from all walks of life a chance to amplify their potential through technology and training to become confident, skilled and productive members of our digital society.

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"Learning is change; change in the world and change in people. No real education leaves a person unchanged. Learning is about the pragmatics of everyday life but it's also about unfolding what you are here to do. Developing your talents, exploring your natural interests and developing a career that doesn't go against your natural grain...this is critical for a happy person and a healthy community."

Catherine Karena, IT Recruiter and Maori Elder





We believe:

1. Limited resources are not a barrier to success

2. Sharing knowledge enriches both giver and receiver

3. The best teacher is someone who walks their talk

4. Real learning happens when you do something and experience the result

5. Hands-on training is the best way to practice and perfect learning

6. The world changes when you simply commit to doing your best

7. You grow stronger by being part of a friendly, focused team

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